best mortgage loansBest Mortgage Loans at provides home loan savings for Home Buyers when financing and Homeowners looking to refinance their home mortgage. Best Home Loans cuts through most of the online ads Sponsored by Mortgage Companies. It also does a good job of eliminating the “Loan Matching” websites that control what Mortgage Lenders get to see the visitor’s information.

While most Mortgage Interest Rates offered by Lenders may change from day to day, they mostly remain similar from one lender to another. To find the Best Mortgage Loans offering the most home loan savings to meet their specific needs and lifestyle, suggests consumers ask potential Lenders the following questions:

  1. What Fees are required and/or added on by each individual Lender which can affect the overall APR – Annual Percentage Rate paid by the borrower?

  2. What are the Rate Lock Fees, Discount Points, Origination Fees I will need to pay that can affect my overall home loan savings?

  3. Does the Lender allow a “Home Buyer Rebates” from Realtors to help offset the Fees including Buyer’s Closing Costs and Pre-Paids? The IRS says Rebates at non-taxable income to a buyer.

  4. For more insight to getting the Best Mortgage Loans, your really should check out the great Online Resources on our Mortgage Help page has gathered home loan information and Mortgage Company information using online resources such as NerdWallet, the Balance, US News, and the Mortgage Professor. However the main source of Company Reviews is an will continue to be because they have “been proactively collecting verified reviews for two decades”.

There are dozens of very good Mortgage Lenders claiming to offer the “Best Mortgage Loans”. However we highly recommend that consumers looking to finance or refinance a home compare the Reviews of Top Mortgage Lenders provided by Consumer Affairs before making a decision if you are interested in any of the following Mortgage topics:

  • Traditional Bank for Home Loans & Refinancing

  • First Time Home Buyer Loans & Low Down Payments

  • Online Convenience & Customer Satisfaction

  • Conventional & Adjustable Rate Mortgages

  • VA & FHA and Loans for Veterans

  • Personalized Rate Quotes

home buyer rebatesWhen discussing a home loan program with any Mortgage Lender, it is smart to ask them right up front if they allow Home Buyer Rebates as a credit toward closing costs. Also ask the Lender if they have any limitations on how they can allow the Rebate to be Credited toward your Closing Costs, Pre-Paids, or even a Mortgage Rate Buy-Down.

When you select your Lender, it is very important to get a Lender’s Pre-Approval Letter. This letter can put you in a much better negotiating position with the Seller of the home you want.

Best Mortgage Loans offers this Link to the following important information to help you locate and understand the best options when financing or refinancing a home or other real estate. 

Best Mortgage Loans is not a Mortgage Lender. It is a Member of the nationwide Real Estate Savings Center Network which invites the best Mortgage Brokers, Bank Lender, and Online Lenders to promote their most consumer-focused home loan savings programs. The Best Mortgage Loans website is a part of The Real Estate Savings Center Network with Online Savings Centers already have set up for more than 100 of the largest Metro areas in the United States.

home buyer rebatesThe Real Estate Savings Center Network is designed around what the U.S. Department of Justice says are ways to “Make Home Buying Less Expensive” and “Home Selling More Affordable”. an integral part of The Real Estate Savings Center Network, as are the following consumer-centric websites that also offer time and money savings including home loan savings in the form of home buyer rebates:

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